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Best Drum and Bass Podcast hits number one new and noteworthy spot on iTunes

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The Best Drum and Bass podcast has come to be a formidable force of promotion in the world of drum and bass, specifically taking the iTunes crowd by storm. We focus first and foremost on promoting the best drum and bass from the best dnb labels and the best dnb artists around the world! We pay EXTREME attention to every potential detail we can to assure the maximum promotion for not only the DJ’s, but the artists and also the record labels who are publishing this amazing music. This is one of the many reasons we quickly jettisoned to the number 1 recommended new and noteworthy podcast for the entire music section when we launched our podcast on iTunes ( screenshot of this accomplishment is attached in the article above ).

Current Podcast Standings

We have been steadily tracking our statistics over the past year or more to optimize our delivery, and to help make sure we are providing true statistics to our fans, as well as the labels and artists who trust us with their unreleased material.We are very happy to report that our podcast appears on the first page of Google for the term drum and bass podcast 2 separate times ( as shown in the image to the right ). One entry which ranks in 5th that links to this site, www.bestdrumandbass.com , and then another that leads directly to our iTunes subscription page located here. This is a culmination of our traffic as well as on page optimization and promotion techniques, which we have in place to assure again that our podcast and the music we feature are getting the optimal promotion possible!

Enough with the fancy talk, lets get down to numbers! (Updated February 16, 2022)

Best Drum and Bass Podcast Stats 2022

We have been averaging roughly 25,000+ downloads on our podcast partners like itunes, Google Play alone (this doesnt include Soundcloud, Mixcloud or any other re-uploads). And also have been sponsored by the legendary Adam Audio!

What does it all mean?!

As I am sure you have taken away from this article by now, the Best Drum and Bass Podcast ( and the site itself ) has been tirelessly working to provide the best source of promotion possible for all the labels and artists that we are fortunate enough work with. We do the best that we can to cross promote through our Facebook and our Twitter accounts, as well as keeping an open line of communication with the Promotion companies and individuals we have established relationships with. We are a completely artist driven collective with one goal in mind. We want to spread the music we love to the masses. It is that simple.

Want to be a guest DJ on our drum and bass podcast?

We LOVE having guest DJ’s of all styles and types. Our goal is to promote the bedroom DJs the same way we promote the biggest superstars! Our focus is on promoting good music.

To be featured in our podcast, we just need the following from you.

  1. One mix in WAV format that is no less than 30 minutes, and no more than 40 minutes in length.
  2. We need a FULL TRACKLIST that includes the record labels for every song ( this is critical for proper promotion )
  3. We need a list of all of your links you would like to promote
  4. The mix must be of good recording quality, and also not contain much sloppy mixing. ( some bumps and bruises are ok, but don’t wreck the whole mix )
  5. Always use a non-expiring link when sending as your mix may not air for 1-2 months depending on our back log

NOTE: WE DO NOT AIR PREVIOUSLY PUBLIC MIXES, it must be done brand new for us.

Please submit your mix with the above criteria to info@bestdrumandbass.com , and if we have never talked before please include a little introduction to yourself. Once we have received it we will preview and let you know once it is accepted. Mixes air in the order they are received, so depending on the amount we have in line it could take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to air on average.

Subscribe to the podcast: bestdnb.com/podcast

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