What Bandcamp stores should you be taking advantage of on todays event?


Short answer is: ALL OF THEM!

Bandcamp is at it again! After the success of their first event, they have a few more days planned where they will waive all their fees in order to help their users be able to make a little additional profit in these  hard times. This will also happen again on June 5 and July 3, and will last from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST time on all three days.

This by no means is a list of every store with awesome tunes and merch to hit, but its definitely a great list of some that have things you should check out!


Well I will definitely start out with my own bandcamp for Abducted LTD. We have so many big tunes uploaded there from over the years, and still plenty of shirts to go around! If youre a fan of the podcast, or the label, check out what we’ve been up too!


E-Sassin is a DNB legend worldwide, and if youre not up to speed on what hes been up to, you need to be! Check it out inside!


Trendkill is the label run by one of the biggest Neurofunk artists in the world, Prolix, and they just updated their entire back catalog on their bandcamp, so go check it out!


At 11am GMT on bandcamp may 1st, All of Dom’s original Roland discs go on sale. A limited run of 90, framed, hand-signed and numbered. Requests welcome, the faster you buy the more likely you’ll get one you want.


A Sides had added 4 new digital downloads from The Vagrant that have never available on digital format until now and they are exclusive to his Bandcamp page


Critical Music is doing a 50% off sale and has a bunch of fresh releases. Code: crit50


AMC has some amazing music and exclusives available on his bandcamp to check out!


Teebee just dropped Archives 3 on the Subtitles Bandcamp page!


Stateside OG has a ton of music and sample packs (One for the Jungle heads)


Onset audio is one of the most pivotal dnb labels from North america and pushes very deep and amazing sounds!


P Lab Recordings just released the Lockdown LP and it’s a ‘name your price ‘ special as well donating proceeds to UN Network. Full of fire! 🔥


Will Miles is one of those USDNB artists who has broken out of the mold and rached global fame. Make sure to drop in and check out what hes up to.


Kyrist just dropped a slick single on her Bandcamp today, marking her first-ever self-release in her career. Chimera has her signature deep, dark, and heavy sound, and Space Junkie adds a jazzy breakbeat flair.


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