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Korsakov Music continues to be a reliable staple in the scene with a rock steady roster and timeliness in delivery; they perpetuate the pulse of drum and bass with the most monumentally modern styles and techniques. It’s been a wicked start to 2022 for the label with some eternally epic tracks already surfacing and many more to come as Korsakov Music pulls new and established faces from all sides of the spectrum to intensify the catalogue. Let’s see what’s kicking at Korsakov so far this year and get a peek at what’s to come.

PHIBES “FOREVER” [Released 20 May Beatport Exclusive]

Quickly climbing to the top of Korsakov’s best selling track list is “Forever” from Phibes and is sure to be one of the hottest tracks in summer sets and beyond. Quite possibly the dance floor ballad of the century with a drop so nasty it will leave faces in a permanent twist the build glimmers with a warm serenade to comfort the floor with feel good vibes. Sparkling, soft, engrossed in the feeling of true bliss “Forever” continues to build upon masterfully crafted beats as the drop steals the spotlight with the most uniquely constructed sound. Unbelievable basslines snap and chop, stuttering with the vocal fluidly flowing to carry the highs as the beats boast a brilliant spectacle all their own. Instantly nostalgic warming hearts on the floor with enough punch to keep the energy high “Forever” from Phibes is a diamond in the rough.

FUTURE STARS VOLUME 3 [Released 13 May]

Cherry picked talent that’s rising from every corner of the scene brings new flavor of drum and bass on Korsakov’s annual Future Stars series. Rocking 2022 with Volume 3 hosts a barrage of tracks that are marvelously mellow, aggressively angry and everything in between to annihilate the dance floor in every fashion.

Some highlights from the LP include “Spectre” from neuro bad boy Dropset with a snappy, brutal funk that’s overly addicting!

“Altered Future” from Jenske is sure to smash dance floors with its endless energy and clean flow.

Dead Zodiac whips and snaps his own groove through “Mecha City” hitting hard with brilliant combinations of instrumentals and out of this world bass.

Kaizah & Perplex combine forces to create a huge vibe builder with a killer compositional style and flow in “When the Drum Rolls”.

“Timeless” from Binary is also worth noting as this one flips over the edge of technical punch with a serious rhythm that flows through the mix.

The rest you’ll have to hear for yourself the entire LP is nothing less than the freshest drum and bass from the next generation of dnb stars: Korsakov Music Presents Future Stars Volume 3.

Sovryn “Vahalla” & “Obelisk” [Released 15 April]

Speaking of future stars; Korsakov made the right move scooping up Sovryn after his flip to dnb as this is one artist who continues to impress time and time again. The latest from Sovryn brings a new avenue into the mix incorporating interesting elements into his tracks that make them stand out from the rest. “Obelisk” is an electronic symphony combining killer basslines with pure, unfiltered energy in this one of a kind certified dance floor heater that will pummel and pound with its grimy genre bending style. “Valhalla” twists an ambient intro into a fun and funky neuro/jump-up hybrid that snaps and slams through the mix to peak the energy to the ultimate high as it punches forcefully with thick production techniques and a clean master. Sovryn standard = TOP QUALITY DNB.

Additional Releases from Korsakov 2022:

I.C.U. & Replete ‘Push the Button/Resurgence’ [Released 1 April]

High energy and massive bass comes from I.C.U. & Replete check the full review here.

Lemmy Dubz “Defences Online” & “Dramatic Shift” [Released 25 March]

PRFCT MANDEM “Upside Down” [Released 11 March]

AL/SO & R3D3X “Blame” [Released 4 February]

Check out the full review of this floor melting compilation from AL/SO and R3D3X here.


Next up on Korsakov:

Tengu ‘Virtual Reality EP’ [Pre-Order Now. Release Date 3 June]

Three tremendous tracks coming from Tengu very soon on the ‘Virtual Reality EP’! Title track “Virtual Reality” brings a technical grind to the dancefloor drive to immerse the mix in a suspenseful simulation of atmospheric drum and bass. “Cell” is fierce and battle ready with monstrous basslines and colossal breaks that will cause an uproar to stampede the floor. “Rayquaza” leads in with a soft melodic build that flips to a roaring, jumping, upbeat blend of sub genre fire. You won’t want to miss the ‘Virtual Reality EP’ from Tengu on Korsakov this week!

Manta “Eternity” & Adrelanine Rush [Release Date 10 June]

Finally, a sneek peek into Manta’s EP also coming in June brings “Eternity” featuring Sazzles and “Adrenaline Rush” with Frank Lemon to the Korsakov catalogue. Serene vocals roll through “Eternity” exploding into a fresh display of dance floor pumping, energetic, feel good vibes in this summer smasher. “Adrenaline Rush” brings the ‘in your face’ vibes with dubby dnb coupled with intense neuro sounds; there were no rules on this one! Manta’s EP lands the 10th of June on Korsakov and there’s still more to come in 2022!

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