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Kicking off the year Technique presented Annual 2020 a massive collaboration making sure you didn’t miss any of the best tracks from Technique Recordings artists last year such as Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tantrum Desire, No Concept, L Plus and more proving that Technique always comes ready with the dance floor heaters adding diversity and flavor to any drum and bass library. A standard in the dnb scene they have proven their consistency and what we’ve heard so far is yet again only just the beginning of 2021 for this essential label.

Tantrum Desire rolled out the first single on Technique Recordings this year; a rave ready dance floor enticer “Resistance”. Solid, fluid and gentle “Resistance” caresses the mix as it flows gleefully in a jolly, upbeat manner bringing the feel good vibes from the first note. The highs lead in as the beat builds crisply while clever horns elevate the mood in a serenade to the drop. Clean, thick and powerful basslines venture through the measures engulfing the composition with sharp vibrations as a polished, tightly composed rhythm rides along. Clever horns carry from the intro blazing with funk and flavor as “Resistance” increases the energy through the mix. With a reputation that precedes his production you already know Tantrum Desire is set to satisfy no matter the tune and “Resistance” definitely hits the spot!


L Plus brought the next teaser of 2021 to the Technique playlist with “Die Hard”, a dangerous dancefloor destroyer. A cheeky vocal strikes on the first beat blasting through a beastly broadcast of nuclear proportions. The atmospherics carry the ambience as a dance friendly beat explodes through the tranquility synthesized and severe tearing the mix to shreds. The iconic ‘Six Million Ways to Die’ sample sets the scene for the drop as bassline engulfs full measures ripping and roaring as it rises and falls amidst the jungle influenced beat reporting in return. Colorfully placed samples and effects placed throughout enhance the mood tenfold as the highs wind intensely to new heights moving and grooving with L Plus’s funky flavor. “Die Hard” is a sure fire pick to smash the dance floor again and again melding sounds to a style all their own it’s a massive DJ weapon for the arsenal.

Coming up next you can snag No Concept’s latest masterpiece “Mind” available now on Beatport Exclusive from Technique Recordings. Playing a critical role in the progression of the label these two continue to bring new and exciting flavor to Technique as they grow as artists and “Mind” is a prime example of how their evolution continues with every track they put out. The intro flutters in with ambient synths as a jungle infused beat kicks in alluring yet unanticipated. Clean highs and punchy kicks enhance the mood as the keys linger playfully in the background amidst soft vocal cuts easing to the drop. A raging roller awaits growling measure to measure as the jungle vibes carry through the rhythmic flow. Vocal samples cut through hitting the peaks just right arranging nostalgic influences with modern vibes. “Mind” is a compelling composition that will engulf the floor leaving them swooning for more.

Check Technique Recordings Beatport where you can grab all of these releases and more!  

Here at Best Drum and Bass we are always ready for more from Technique Recordings and I’m sure they’ll continue to deliver steadily this year.






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