Whisper – Dimethltryptamine (GRID Recordings 194)

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Today I will be checking out a new release from Grid. As you may know I have covered releases from this label before of artists like Log1n and Kenji and now it’s the time of Whisper. The EP is called Dimethltrypta.

Turn your head – The first tune on the EP sets a precedent for what is too come. Heavy jerky and dark natured jump up. There is a real techy vibe here. The drums are big and bold and the bass work has some experimental and particularly industrial feel to it. It bangs through with some real gusto and has a nice awkwardness to it which makes it unique in character.

Might Be – This starts with quite an experimental feel in the build and then drops into some really filthy techy business and some lovely cut up and edit mashed up vibes. It’s actually not far off those jump up infused Noisia tunes in style with a really heavy snare and some cool percussion. What really stands out is the way everything is paired together with lots of glitchy vibes and interesting edits and fills. Really love this tune and would 100% reach for it if I wanted to bring those dark filthy flavours.

Dimethltrypta FT Twisted Individual – A huge sounding assault on the ear drums is what we have here. Progressive jump up with lots going on. It’s extremely filthy and cantakerous and doesn’t give you much time to chill it’s justr relentless from start to finish. The snare sound is nice with its layered clap and the bass production is tight and on point. Another decent showing, even though the title is very hard to spell and pronounce hahah

Scare FT Airwin – Much easier to pronounce Scar starts off with some mystical flavour and builds into a super screechy drop. This is pure jump up and if that’s your bag then this will be right up your street. Lots of pitched mid bass snarls and some cool drum work. Sound wise it’s very tight and well made and pounds along with some interesting ideas included along the way.

Dreams FT Jocker – This starts dark and foreboding with some cool jazzy piano undertones and some glitchy industrial ideas as it builds really nicely into a techy neuro esque feel. The drop is super cool and prob my favourite off the EP so far. It’s got great rhythm and movement which is created by the bitty type bass melodies and tight drum work. A super little tune here thats really experimental and fresh sounding.

Darkness – This is another traditional sounding jump up tune. There is lots going on and reminds me off a Sub zero type flavour or something you might here from Jaydan which is cool. The vocal samples are cool and the tune has lots of energy. It’s pretty catchy in places and the sub work is simple but effective. The mid break is really cool and the vocal works perfect even though the drop itself feels a tiny bit awkward. Everything sounds big and pushed to the limit without spilling over. A great end to a banging full of energy and vibe EP.

Overall some really strong tunes on this EP and some clever production techniques coupled with some filthy and unique beats. check it out here

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