Wilkinson & Dimension – Rush [RAM Records]

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Tunes

Nothing gets ears turning like dream team collaborations. Its safe to say, when you take two of the hottest DNB hit makers of the hour, its going to gather some attention. Getting Wilkinson & Dimension together is a dream come true for many in the community. Both with impressive track records, the new single “Rush” on RAM Records holds true to their histories.

“Rush” opens with a dreamy soundscape. Synths and pads weave building the vibe. Filtering away the melodic elements, a hissing riser takes you over the top into the first dance section. The feel good vibes abound. Warm bass and bright synths put the listener on cloud nine. The melody is straight forward but complex enough to maintain immersion. front to back, “Rush” is a hands up feel good selection perfect for those epic set moments Djs and Heads cant seem to get enough of.

As Wilkinson & Dimension continue to lead the charge with hands up melodic DNB. “Rush” is a welcome addition to their family of quality releases. Be sure to follow Wilkinson, Dimension, and the entire RAM Records family as we approach the new year.

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I touched wax for the first time when I was 12 years old and since have been blessed to share music in the majority of states in the USA. I have a wide spanning passion for mixing that reaches far beyond any one musical genre or dance floor. I work at Geomagnetic Recordings and am 1/2 of High Society DNB. Current location: San Francisco