Wingz – Confined Remixes [Demand Records]


Remix EPs have always been a great treat in the Drum and Bass community; bringing attention to awesome music that some listeners may have missed on and showcasing the evolution of that same track when the roots of the track are in the hands of different artists. So when Demand Records decided to dig into their catalog and gather some artists for remix duties for Wingz‘s 2017 stomper Confined, my ears instantly perked up. To kick things up a notch, they decided to hold a remix competition to see what producers would be able to do. What we get are 3 steller reworks that are sure to add a new kick to your catalog.

Not to pull any punches, the EP opens up with the mighty veteran Insideinfo‘s remix. True to his legacy within the Drum and Bass scene, his remix is anything but spectacular. Starting with a characteristic moody intro with a strong build, this track then gets down to some good old minimal tech goodness. With expertly pitched percussion that gives it an almost clockwork feel and superb sound design that gives a nice fullness to the overall mix, the track continues to build the intensity of the drums and the synths ending with a buzzsaw like the sound that cuts through the speakers.

Next up is a tasteful breath of fresh air found in the Bristol halftime master duo Mystic State‘s velvety 140bpm remix. Layered with cinematic ambiance and that deep dub sub-bass, this remix oozes strong deep vibes. The duo shows their craftmanship with weaving elements of the original track to add more to the rhythm and drums, pulling all together give a groovy track for dark clubs all across the globe.

Finally closing out the EP is the winner of the remix competition, Solace. Starting in 2013, the Belgian native has paved his way into the Drum and Bass, both making his way to some of the most venerated parties such as Rampage and Sun and Bass while releasing a slew of well-crafted music. And this remix is a testament to his prowess. Moving from deep atmospheric soundscapes, Solace gives the original an almost sinister vibe to it, utilizing the elements of the track to give it an aggressive feel all wrapped up in a minimal neuro framework. Hats off to the maestro.

Make sure you snag your copy of not only this but of the original from Demand Records. After all, the best thing about a remix is how it sounds compared to the original!


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