Wingz – Sorrow EP [Overview Music]


Wingz returns to Overview Music after his Shattered Perception / Detractor single to bring forth the Sorrow EP. Having collaborated with craft masters such as Volatile Cycle and Ewol in the past, the Austrian producer presents his first-ever solo EP. Serving as an example of top-notch production, the EP has earned the support of some heavyweight artists, making appearances in sets at Let It Roll during the past weekend and rising in the charts on Beatport within a few days of release.

The title track Sorrow can best be described as powerful. It opens with ethereal synths before an enveloping bassline fills the speakers. Then it launches into crisp drums while that smooth bass lays the bedrock of the track. Somber yet beautiful vocals fill the middle section, truely pulling the track together into a vibey, techy delight.

Then we come to the aptly named Hurt. The track is just an honest to god techy tune, with a thumping kick, crips snares, and stabby vocals. This is one of those tracks that just has perfect mixability, making it the perfect weapon in a mix to double drop, rinse, or let ride out.

Next, we come to Rebound which is a fast-paced techy stomper. Armed with a strong droning bassline, shuffling drums, and steady percussion, this is sure to keep the crowd (and yourself) stepping for the whole track. Again, this is track is the perfect weapon to add some energy to even the deepest of sets.

Finally, we come to smashing halftime remix of Wingz’s Shattered Perception by Phentix. Adding a fresh take on an already stellar tune, Phentix adds a steady beat with strong drums and percussion to get you bumping and grinding.

Overall, the Sorrow EP is a strong new addition to the ever-growing Drum and Bass catalog. If you haven’t heard of Wingz yet, now is your chance to get situated. Grab your copy today and keep an eye out for what he brings to the table next.


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Haji is simply put a tried and true Drum and Bass enthusiast. After being introduced to Drum and Bass in 2012, Haji became entranced by the music so much so he dedicated himself to learning all he can about the music and as a result how to spin it. Now he regularly puts out mixes and spins at shows not for money or fame, but just out of pure love of the art form. SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK