Workforce – Late Night Soundtrack Vol. 2 [Must Make Music]


Often times, we see members of some of our favorite groups pursue side projects and from it comes amazing new music. This week we get to take a look at some of the solo work of one half of SpectraSoul Jack Stevens Workforce alias on his new label, Must Make Music. As apart of his new project, Workforce is releasing 3 new EPs labeled Late Night Soundtrack to showcase his unique take on Drum and Bass. So let’s dive in and take a look at the second edition to the Late Night Soundtrack.

Opening up the EP is the dreamy Two Words. Starting with a nice crisp shuffling beat and beautiful pianos, this bonified liquid roller starts off with the perfect vibes. That shuffling beat lays a sturdy framework as a warm piano-laden bassline fills the bedrock of the track. All the while soulful vocals croon throughout the track, pulling it all together in a beautiful manner.


Next is we come to Overnight Express. Switching up the vibe, this stomper starts with dark clicky synths and spacey soundscapes. Then with a few kicks, it propels into some raw breakbeat drum and bass. With a snare with that brings that powerful mid-2000 sound and a growling synth atop a deep bassline, this track brings those old school vibes with SP:MC’s bar making sure you know this track means serious business.


Keeping those classic vibes strong is the aptly named So Good. Starting with droning Gregorian Chant like sythns that builds before vocals proclaim what everyone will say when they hear this track. With stomping stuttered drums and a loud reese bass that carves through the speakers like a buzz saw fired from a bazooka, this track brings a dark done that makes you feel like you are listening to a classic on Moving Shadow. The ethereal soundscapes that build as the track goes gives the track a fullness that will saturate ears.


Closing out the EP on a nice deep vibe is Common Interests. The opening of this track sets the mood with crisp clean high hats, distorted vocals, and the building of the bassline that permeates the whole track. As the track begins to get going, it starts with a simple drum pattern. However as the track rolls on through it begins to expand on its complexity, switching up the percussion and kicks as more synths are added in. The vibe track seems to grow with intensity and speed: easy going at first but soon changes become a fast-paced deep neurofunk tune that is perfect to be the beginning of an out of this world mix.


Workforce’s Late Night Soundtrack Vol. 2 further showcases Jack Stevens prowess as a producer. Found throughout this EP is both the elements that he brings to SpectraSoul’s sound and sound design that showcases his unique feel to creating Drum and Bass. Grab your copy today from Beatport or his Bandcamp today!


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