Wrapping up 2020 with these Tantalizing Vocal Tracks

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Coming at you this week is a phat stack of vocal tracks to tie together this whirlwind of a year we’ve had. One thing is for sure, some artists have really pulled solid inspiration from the current state of events and it’s turning some smiles even on the darkest days. Let’s take a look at the freshest ballads to hit the shelves recently.

Ripple “Falling Sky” Featuring Lifesize MC (Matzet Remix) [Ripple Music]

Ripple “Be Like” Featuring No Cure (Phibes Remix) [Ripple Music]

A pristine pair of remixes kick off the list from Ripple on Ripple Music doubled down with Matzet’s remix of “Falling Sky” featuring Lifesize MC and Phibes’ Remix of “Be Like” featuring No Cure from the ‘Falling Sky EP’ released last year.
First off Matzet takes the original mood of “Falling Sky” from soft keys and serene beats amping it up with synthesized power and extra energy to create a hefty crossbreed with a dubby vibe. The gripping vocal from Lifesize MC is chopped and manipulated but still resonates as well as the original, pursing power and emotion through the speakers with every line.
Phibe’s take on “Be Like” has a similar effect, flipping the original vibe of liquid ambience to a bouncy rolling vibe while maintaining the integrity of No Cure’s vocals from the original composition. You can clearly hear Phibes’ style shining through on this remix of “Be Like” as short broken basslines blast through this track, something the dance floor just can’t resist. These are both available now from Ripple Music.

No Concept “Let Me Know” [Technique Recordings]

The keys play in on soft, serene vibes as we dive into this liquid roller from No Concept on Technique Recordings. The vocal comes to life early in the intro and carries on throughout the tune shining powerfully within a sorrowful symphony of sounds as we consume a tale of heartbreak and loneliness wrapped up with tranquil beats to warm up the melody. Powerful duets of male and female vocal snippets harmonize through the body of this track to send the sentiment over the top. A riveting ballad from No Concept “Let Me Know” is a prime selection especially if you’re searching to fill a specific mood. Get this one out now on Technique Recordings.

Lee UHF & Rogue “The Music” [Dirtbox Recordings]

Pulling inspiration from an early 90’s breakbeat sample as the foundation for this track Lee UHF & Rogue team up to create a monster of a track to slingshot this sample into the modern day rave. A dynamic intro playing upon synths and keys kickstarts this anthem with slight cuts of the vocal as “The Music” builds in hot pursuit of the drop. Monstrous basslines blast with power through an upbeat broken beat as hints of vocals echo distantly. The full verse comes in the breakdown, warm and upbeat, making “The Music” a great transitional track to flip the mood at any moment in the set. Pick up this one today out now on Dirtbox Recordings.

Deadline “Dreamer” [Deadline Music]

Deadline “Wake up Call” Featuring Eloise Keeble [Deadline Music]

Two beautiful ballads from Deadline have surfaced recently, “Dreamer” and “Wake up Call” both available now on Deadline Music.
An unnamed artist supplies beautifully written angelic vocals wrapping us up in warmth and feel good vibes on the track “Dreamer” from Deadline. A soft intro slides in as the keys and synths harmonize with light vocalizations paving the way for a full verse caressing its way to the drop in unison with the melodic build. A smooth and serene ballad flows over rolling basslines and beautiful beats layered intricately in this composition to support the dominance of the vocal with effortless flow.
“Wake up Call” featuring Eloise Keeble rolls in on similar serenity as highs, synths and keys create a warm, glowing ambience to support the gripping vocal from Eloise Keeble that enters and is sure to pull on the heartstrings. A powerfully and full narrative extends through this track surmising the feeling of soul searching and seeking answers to questions in life; supplying beauty in the sadness of heartbreak and lost love. Towering basslines paired with an upbeat melody keep the vibe light to balance the immense feeling of the vocal as it harmonizes these pondering thoughts through the duration of the composition. Divine in a mix or as a standalone single “Wake up Call” is primed to be one of those tracks that will be on repeat in many playlists. Available now from Deadline Music.

V O E “Where You Belong” [Protocode]

Something a little heavier to appease the neurofunk fans comes from V O E on Protocode this week titled “Where You Belong”. Four variations are available (Club Mix, Radio Mix, Clean Radio Mix and Extended Mix) but regardless of which you pick they all pack the same punch. Harnessing influence and pulling sounds from the alternative rock world “Where you Belong” combines a confrontational, emotive male vocal with brutal neurofunk basslines cascading between synthesized guitar licks, hard kicks and insane snares. Absolute power and insanity flows from every orpheus of this track sure to make the dance floor lose their minds calling for a rewind. You can grab it now from V O E on Protocode.

Sikka “Yesterday” [Formation Records]

The next hit on the list, “Yesterday” comes from Sikka on Formation Records and hits shelves this week paired with the track “Trouble”. While this composition doesn’t supply a full vocal it’s still predominant enough to make the list. A solid beat rides in as harmonics play in the background leaving room for short vocal cuts leading to the drop. Deep bass booms between smooth broken beats emitting powerful jungle influences as the vocal line appears in just the right places. Teeming with emotion and strong vibes “Yesterday” would definitely make a great accent track to amp up the mood and enhance the message in a vocal driven set. Grab this release on Formation Records from Sikka.

Future Cut Featuring Camden Cox “Make or Break” [DeVice]

A dose of delicious vocals keeps things flowing with “Make or Break” from Future Cut and Camden Cox out now on Rene Lavice’s label DeVice.

“Make or Break” kicks off with a solid rhythm leading into a sweetly serene verse from Camden Cox riding over flavorful percussion riddled with old school vibes as the build roars to the drop. Groovy beats glide over basslines that flow melodically as the effects really pop from behind. Camden Cox does a phenomenal job as the story unfolds throughout the track, verse after verse of perfectly presented vocal bliss twisting and turning through Future Cut’s fierce flow as the ballad blazes on. Warm tones create a feel good vibe in this inspiring track from Future Cut and Camden Cox that’s bound to serenade the crowd. Grab it now on DeVice.

Millbrook “Echoes” Featuring Eviya [Discover]

“Echoes” from Millbrook and Eviya is sure to be one of the top ballads across many playlists in 2020. This emotional and relatable narrative resonates on many levels as the journey through life continues contemplating what the future will hold. Softly sneaking in amidst ambient synths and keys Eviya’s vocal shines midway through the build. A full verse pushes through the rest of the build increasing in intensity in search of the drop. Jumping straight into an upbeat, bouncy rhythm riddled with bubbly basslines and thick orchestration of instrumentals short vocal snippets enhance the composition as “Echoes” supports a strong dance floor vibe. While the vocal may be relevant to current events “Echoes” remains neutral to interpretation as well so as not to be dated by a specific period in time making this a top track to play for years to come. In addition to the original mix there’s a bonus radio edit available as well you can grab either copy now from Millbrook on Discover. 

Bachelor’s of Science Featuring Ben Soundscape, Dominique Gomez and Emcee Child “Love is Found” [Formation Records]

Last but certainly not least comes another anthem from Formation Records titled “Love is Found” from Bachelor’s of Science featuring Ben Soundscape, Dominique Gomez and Emcee Child. The original version is a sophisticated ballad leading in on a strong rhythm before Dominique Gomez enters with her spirited verse mid-intro. Dropping into a smooth, rolling rhythm the keys play harmoniously over dark basslines that tumble and fall beneath the powerhouse vocal that leads the way to a killer breakdown in the beat as Emcee Child flows flawlessly with a hip-hop infused verse of his own. The contrast is impeccable and heightens the mood in the mix tenfold. Also included on this release is a remix from DJ SS & Fabric8 that possesses a darker, dirtier bassline and manipulates the stems to fit the moodiness of the edit. A second remix from DJ SS and Azpect is bouncier and more brutal for a heavier mix; this one focuses more on the beats and serious manipulations of the vocal stems to accelerate the vibe. Which version do you prefer? You can pick up a copy of your favorite out now on Formation Records. 

If you’re still on the hunt for more vocal goodness from 2020 check out my article from earlier this year that has a few more! 

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