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Xeomi & Kaiza are comin’ in hot with their ‘Autorun EP’ dropping February 15 on Shell Shock Recordings. This Cyberpunk inspired EP is about to rock the globe with Xeomi & Kaiza’s unique ‘Koreastep’ style. Full of colorful beat patterns and booming basslines you’re going to want to grab all three of these killer tracks for your collection and keep a close eye on this sound moving forward. Let’s take a look at what this innovative EP has in store for the drum and bass world.

“Autorun” eases in on mischievous synths as a veiled beat marinates in the backdrop only to break and rebuild electrifyingly as it explodes into a monstrous maniac drop. Burly basslines consume the composition as the beat rides furiously riddled with effects, breaks and fills to mold the melody. Machine gun beats blast between dynamic dubby bass detonating mechanically with brutal force whipping between measures. With a no holds barred attitude Xeomi & Kaiza are taking drum and bass to new dimensions with “Autorun”.

Atmospheric elements engulf the beat pounding militantly through the build setting the suspense in “Monochrome” as the kicks strike harder racing toward the drop. Insane basslines blast and bend beneath surging beats banging diligently, amplifying the energy through the roof. Precise timing on creative breaks twist the composition complimented by solid fills to keep the rhythm flowing. If you’re looking for that hard, fast, heavy DnB “Monochrome” is a substantial pick to enhance your collection and bring fire to the mix.

Wrapping up the ‘Autorun EP’ Xeomi & Kaiza bring us “Red”, an ultramodern display of a glimpse into the future of drum and bass. The highs tick in over submissive growls, easing slowly in as demonic horns blast in breaking the silence and bringing the beat to life growing more intensely in anticipation of the drop. Highly animated colorful beats bring a fun and interesting pattern to the drum line which has a strong tribal vibe. The measures are manipulated with various styles morphing between measures and revisiting the dark horns from the overture for extra oomph. Extreme intricacy in layering on the rhythm reinforces the technical mastery of “Red” shining through bouncy broken beats brilliantly. The entire ‘Autorun EP’ is nothing short of danceable and fun and “Red” is a perfect example of that rule.

Xeomi & Kaiza are shooting up in the ranks when it comes to consistency and all around solid production on tunes. Keep a close eye on them in 2021 we here at Best Drum and Bass are definitely waiting for what’s to come.

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