Xeomi & Kaiza ‘Legacy EP’ [Kosen Prod]


Xeomi & Kaiza are coming in tough this week on Kosen Prod, slaying it with their distinctive ‘Koreanstep’ style, as they smash through this four track beast of a release overflowing with mammoth sounds. Let’s take a listen to what Xeomi & Kaiza are bringing to the floor with the ‘Legacy EP’ out this Friday!


A graphic scene spins “Vega” to life creating an alternate reality as the highs stalk the build cautiously amidst ferocious effects that intensify the terror, as the rhythm kicks in to strengthen the suspense to the drop. Growling basslines tremble and surge awaking the grimy side of Xeomi & Kaiza’s production techniques as forcefully punchy snares ride, steppy in relentless form as they pound through the composition. “Vega” is a trip to the terrifically terrifying side of drum and bass.



Warm synths serenade the softness in the build, swelling and echoing in vibration as the rhythm blends into the composition, incrementally warming up to the drop in “Manflesh”. Industrial flare pops through the dark, billowing bassline as the snares snap pungently in return. Feral drum fills and carnivorous effects ravage the track between bouncy breaks that keep “Manflesh” on the prowl ready to destroy the dancefloor.


“Archer”/“Archer VIP”

Colorful rhythms get “Archer” shaking from the start hot on the tail of the drop, the absence of elements in the build make it hit even harder. Vicious beats blast in a barrage of brutality as the bassline stretches and warps through the phrases giving the track and ultimate boost. The VIP brings more of a forceful flare, grinding relentlessly in unforgiving fashion as it slams without warning twisting and mutilating the measures with wicked sound design.

Xeomi & Kaiza have pulled out all the stops on this one, prepare for mass destruction of the dancefloor!

Grab your copy of the ‘Legacy EP’ on Kosen Prod this Friday!



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