Xeomi+Kaiza- Humiliation EP [T3K]


The upcoming forecast calls for an unprecedented amount of filth.

That’s right bassheads. The Korean and German duo, Xeomi + Kaiza, is back with another slamming EP. On the label, T3K based in Mannheim, Germany. It seems like the two are coming forth on the tech edge of madness. Following their releases from Bad Taste Recordings / Red Light / Kosenprod / Citrus / Major League DNB / Hansom Music. These titans have been carving their name into the forearm of the dnb arena in Europe and Asia with the ferocity of a psychosomatic cutter for a couple years now.

When we go through what we feel would “slap” in dnb today. Or take a stab at making music to get a “fast come up” riding the hot trends and sounds of 2020 dnb. These two went to another dimension. To a place where the feeling of being uncomfortable is actually welcomed. And once the “fog” is swept away, and we realize the “big rooms” are empty. You can come to a resolve.

And that’s where I was taken on this release. A four track journey through drums and basslines that punch you in the teeth. A merciless attack on the senses via synth patches and clever drone waves of air filled sadness. When artists make it a glaring point that this music is for the headbangers, the fidelity guru’s, and the dabb masters. We respect that point, and honor it by playing this at maximum volume for whomever is around. Even if right now, its just your domestic partner, or faithful pet. Whom could care less about sending a full brockout.



The opener Steal begins like a score from a super hero movie. All safe and full of hope. With open air risers, bleeps, and a familiar tone in the perfect key. And then, it’s as if we open a door into a darker realm. Something literally kicks our back, and we are officially inside this ride. Surrounded by bass goblins and cloaked nymph’s swinging side to side. Waiting for the master to reveal itself.

When the second drop comes around. We’re introduced to a new level of grime. If a gnarwhale was a sound, this last bit would be it. Total perception loss as the new section just rips the cones of your speakers to dust. This is the type of tune you hear at a basement or warehouse rave around 6:30 in the morning and all consumables from the previous hours kick in all over again.


Humiliation couldn’t be a more perfect follow up to Steal . We just had our hair blown back. And that was just the first part of the ride. Somehow these guys managed to interlude, reload, and take us through a second house of madness. Except this time, they unravel another universe. Where the cybernetic mainframe is revealed.

There is a good bouncing vibe to this one. More of the tech influence from the era of UFO! / Panacea / Ohm Resistance / K / Thermal Recs really shine through. It’s one of those tunes that can easily make your hair raise a little bit. All parts of the sound design from the huge synths/bass to the wacky cowbell that comes every now and again creates a much welcomed tension. Add some glitches vocal stabs and pitched down drone vocals. And were really cooking.


This is the certified banger on this EP. You see Us is the ender here. Full send on this one. It takes all of the elements from the previous two tracks. Rolls out some Chunnel sized rails of K. Slams 2 liters of IrnBru into a large funnel. Throws you a “deadhead” 250mg medical grade gooey ganja ball . And tells you not to come out of the room until its all gone. Or we force ourselves in to make sure your still pumping.

We have a blast of crazy good and heavy dnb elements going on. Upfront ripping bass. Simple but punching kicks and snares. And hopping amen break to bring the party. Tailgated with some nice acid level samples and stabs. There’s a intentional overdriven sound to this tune. And it works really well. Some Bill Laswell/ Eye-D type of  deep gnarlyness.


This tune is fun. It’s literally the definition of a chill ass B-side. Getting a touch of relief from the last 10 minutes of assault is like a good cool down to a workout. You have to relax all the senses in your psyche and the tiny bones that vibrate the evil into your aural cavity. So this suits the purpose of relaxing the listener. Sending us off with a freshly made snack, and asking us to come agin. Like leaving a kinda cool fair ride of a theme park somewhere off the shadiest part of the Jersey shore.

Going into the realm of trip-hop/hip hop can be done crazy good, or stupid dumb. This hits the first of the two for me. Reminiscent of Yella Wolf/Murs/Dr. Doom. In the style that would be coined “left field” hip-hop by the “YOOTS” of today. Plus, remember all that stuff you consumed locked in that room while listening to the last song. This jam will take the edge off for sure!


I’m feeling this release. I like it because its different first off. We’re in a bad place, in a bad time. It’s often so easy to lean into music that provides us comfort and reminds us of the good times. And this takes your head into a demented 3D printed replica of what used to be. A safe space. But it’s a little louder and more abrasive in some areas than you are used to. While also being somewhat minimal when it comes to layering and 3,147 channels of stems, side chains, patches, and pure studio boners.

It is super real. Pretty heavy. Loud ass fuck. Consistent from tune to tune. The narrative has a focus that connects the dots from movement to movement. It’s not overworked. Fit’s the previous mold laid forward by these two tech wizards. And would totally rage in a more “punk” or “metal” dnb influenced environment. A super tight and grimy room. Minimal lighting. Visuals built for extreme, but responsible, substance intake. With th dj behind an ominous wall off bassbins, surrounded by a chain link fence.

This EP would slam the caca out of the massive’s face. In that environment. We might be returning to soon. If the dnb chav’s end up turning into homeless junglists. Throwing “sort-of” massive’s in the sewers, or field doofs on any Footclan inspired “community”. Somewhere in the industrial “quarantined psypocolypse” wards of interior Korea. Or under charred barns in underground bunkers,  surrounded by field mines in the hills on the outskirts of Mannheim. Where ever it is, this album WILL BLAST!!!









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