XTM – Time [Future Funk Music]

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Tunes

A lot of people like to talk about bass face, but I am here today to talk about another phenomenon, funk face. While similar in nature to bass face, the cause and actual face made are not. Funk face is a more laid back look. It says more “awwww yeahh…..that is some funky ass shit” with a calmer demeanor then the “What the hell is that awful smell” look that is associated with bass face. Don’t get me wrong, both are indicators of some bad ass music going down and both are worth being around, but the funk face is a perfect description for this weeks review.

I always look for a little something in each track I put in my crate that makes that tune special. That tracks flavor. The essence. The funk of a track. That groove the song sets you off in. Some time it’s the tick of a high hat, or the way the drums are arranged. Some times it is just the space created by the total out put of each element in a track that just makes it infectious and roll right out for you. On the new Time EP by XTM on Future Funk Music, the title track “Time” checks all of those boxes for me. This is future tek funk at its finest. The drums roll out setting the pace and are paired with a walking bass line that gets things shaking. Bass and synth stabs ride on top filling the song with a landscape of varied sounds all working in one big funky track. There is even some haunting keys for mood leading a hand in there

As the sample at the break says “all action is now” , and truer words could not be used for this track.

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