XYLYM – Cataclysmic Reaction/Element [Abducted LTD]

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XYLYM – Cataclysmic Reaction/Element [Abducted LTD]

Welcome once again to all the drum and bass heads! Today I share with you XYLYM – Cataclysmic Reaction/Element [Abducted LTD].  Abducted LTD is thrilled to unveil the latest sonic onslaught from the indomitable force known as XYLM. He has reputation for pushing the boundaries of drum and bass. XYLM’s latest offering features the explosive tracks “Cataclysmic Reaction” and “Element”. A testament to the artist’s mastery of the Neurofunk genre. These tracks are not just songs. They are adrenaline-fueled journeys into the heart of darkness. Where the relentless pace and towering basslines command the listener to move.


XLYM previously unleashed havoc with releases on Blackout, Hoofbeats, and Close 2 Death. And is no stranger to the darker recesses of the drum and bass universe. And these new tracks on Abducted LTD solidify his position as a pivotal figure in the Neurofunk scene. Known for crafting immersive, high-energy soundscapes that are both innovative and insidiously catchy.

Cataclysmic Reaction

This track sets the tone with its apocalyptic intensity. Weaving intricate rhythms with bone-shaking bass that promises to erupt dance floors into frenzied motion. This track doesn’t just drop, it detonates! Unleashing a fury of sound that’s as catastrophic as it is captivating.


This one continues the auditory assault with precision-engineered beats and a menacing bass that snakes through the track’s core. It’s a sonic exploration of the darker, more elemental forces of nature. Translated into a language that only XYLM speaks fluently. The track is a relentless push into uncharted territories of sound. Proving once again that XYLM is a master of dark, atmospheric textures.


Prepare to be abducted into a world where the only rule is relentless progression and the only escape is through the cataclysmic reactions and elemental forces conjured by XYLM. This release is not just music; it’s a powerful statement from an artist at the peak of his powers, ready to dominate speakers and minds alike. Find it here for purchase, download and streaming now!

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