Yatuza – Bogota Nights LP [Liondub Street Series]


This one’s a killer.

Buenos Aires born, Colombia based artist Yatuza deftly delivers the largest and most expansive Liondub Street Series project to date. Bogota Nights is a brilliantly crafted 15 track LP that took a full year to complete and speaks volumes about the depth, and spirited essence of the young producer’s music. The album includes an outstanding set of collaborations with talented producers from around the globe like Dunk, Alex SLK, B-Plexx and Teej, featuring a wide ranging track selection crafted to the highest standard that caters to all lovers of rolling Drum and Bass music.

Wow, what a quality release that is jam-packed with banging tunes from none other than Yatuza. Each of these 15 tracks are worth a listen as they exhibit many different sides of the artist. If you are a fan of dark, minimal rollers with crispy drums, then this is a godsend for you. There are many tracks with gnarly drones, dissonant grooves, and some wobblers in between. While some tracks are more minimal and subdued like, ‘Good Old Days‘, ‘Mantis‘, and ‘Bubbler‘, ‘Mind The Gap‘ featuring B-PLEXX is an uplifting number with some definite mainstream D&B appeal.

Yatuza has no problem dabbling in Jump-Up either. Tracks like ‘Power Struggle VIP‘ and ‘Killer‘ featuring Maniac exude confidence with drilling basslines and straight beats exhibiting the admirable simplicity of solid jump-up that is sure to be stuck in your head.

Speaking of getting stuck in your head, the title track, ‘Bogota Nights‘ might be my favorite just for the earworms. The intermittent samples are fun and addictive. There’s a full-fledged 808 just dominating the space with rolling beats and these floating earworms keep you engaged while waiting for more.

Bipolar‘ is a face-melter with a bass that just makes you grimace. End of. ‘Obsessed‘ feat Shayper has a really sick groove to it. It begs you to bang your head. The drums really stand out to me as unique while the bassline is menacing. The vocals bring it together, but the drums smash it out on this. I don’t usually hear this level of slamming drums unless I’m listening to D-Minds. I love it.

Much respect to Yatuza on another killer release. This genre is blessed to have his talent and Liondub has done it again.

Liondub Street Series, Vol. 58: Bogota Nights is OUT NOW!


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