Yosh Bass Presents: ‘Enter the Drums Vol. 2’

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A fresh label is on the rise and Yosh Bass is bringing the fierce and feisty bass heavy tracks to make your sets stand out from the rest as they present ‘Enter the Drums Vol. 2’. Full of flavor from various artists this EP will bring the heat with booming basslines and dark room vibes that pack a powerful punch. Let’s get right inside ‘Enter the Drums Vol. 2’ from Yosh Bass.

Vektral – Broken Silence (ft. Lucy Banks)

Warmth engulfs the build as we ease into the EP with soft vocals from Lucy Banks serenading the climb to the drop. Bass stabs enhance the mood as “Broken Silence” winds through melodic measures in this delicate dance floor tune offering glowing vocals and a mellow mood.

Neffa – Back Again

Neffa twists the script as punchy beats bring “Back Again” to life with a kick. A touch of Reggae vocal samples break through stealing the spotlight to rebuild dangerously to the drop where the verse flows venomously with a solid composition to back it up. “Back Again” is bouncy and bassy to get the dance floor UP.

Compton – Godless

Spicy vocals slide through the build and the drop comes with a deep punch of growly bass and airy drum beats enhanced with the vocalizations as they flow through. “Godless” offers a delicate balance between the soft highs and angry basslines it’s sure to blow some minds!

Exo Avatar – Parasite

A conspicuous intro winds in suspense to the drop with snippets of sound squeaking and echoing all around. The drop brings a furiously low tone to the mix grinding and wobbling as the beat breaths around it with snappy energy. “Parasite” is all about the bass and ready to make the bins shake!

R!SK – Firestarter

Deep tension resonates in the build and danger lingers in the air because “Firestarter” is about to burn the place down. Vocal samples slide in playfully with a savage mood and the drop brings an aggressive whip, snapping between rabid beats and barbaric bass to melt some face. The effects give this one an extra punch with the industrial drive and catch the second drop for another surprise!

Nekst & Re:flex – The Butcher

High end harmonies bubble through the build, twinkling into the background as choppy vocals twist a tale of their own. A hard dive into the drop brings some funk as oscillating basslines tumble and flip to a half time jive. “The Butcher” is a colorful composition with a serious groove that will get the floor to move!

Sheppy – Relic

Animated melodies ignite the intro climbing and falling as the build spins and the intensity winds with a seething beat hunting the drop. Aggressive neurofunk blasts and “Relic” is set to beat the floor proper as it pounds through the bins, thick as a brick with boundless bass and some serious smack on the snare. The next half brings a fun flip Sheppy’s “Relic” shouldn’t be missed.

E.R.F – Call Me

Warm pads echo through the build engulfing serene vocals that stretch to the drop as the bass cuts in to accompany amping the vigorous vibe. A rolling bassline unfolds consuming the composition as polished, technical beats support the soft snippets of vocals twinkling through the phrases. A soothing and harmonious vibe gives “Call Me” a bubbly drive.

Gengs – Down With the Sound

“Down With the Sound” wraps up ‘Enter the Drums Vol. 2’ with sassy synths and steppy beats flipping to the drop with a wobble and a womp. A dark bassline trudges through the measures carrying the track as it dips, dives and winds; the drums flowing amidst the carnage with a feisty glare and a hint of vocal cut to add some serious old school flare.

Grab this sick stack of tracks ‘Enter the Drums Vol. 2’ is out NOW from Yosh Bass. GET IT HERE!

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