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We’re bringing it back to the mighty Neuroheadz this week with a two track stomper from Zigi SC with “WYGO” and “Burining Inside” ft. PRDK. These two tunes are breaking all the rules with style and funk and a whole lot of punch to keep the energy UP and the dance floor in the groove! Let’s get right into the tunes!


A stuttered vocalization hovers in a thick aura with deep, soul gripping synths absorbing the atmosphere clutching the suspense as it eases into the drop. A bassy delay heightens the anticipation before tumbling into a furious frenzy of boundless rhythms and grinding basslines diced and chopped to keep the floor moving nonstop. The vocal snippet carries through the tune harmonizing in its own mysterious groove to perfectly accentuate the mood. “WYGO” is a must have tune!


A mystical ambience entrances the build with a silken duet of vocal auras twisting through a soft symphonic rhythm smoldering in the undertone. The tension is tight ready to ignite winding into the drop where the energy blazes incessantly riding on red hot rhythms raging through the measures, the stammering vocal flaring the fire as the bass bounces relentlessly to intensify the vibrancy in the mix. “Burning Inside” will entice continuous movement in the dance switching and snapping with inherit animation, a truly masterful creation from Zigi SC and PRDK.

Grab your copies of Zigi SC’s “WYGO” and “Burning Inside” ft. PRDK out now on Neuroheadz! CLICK HERE

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