Zombie Cats – Don’t Be Playing [Commercial Suicide]

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Tunes

Originally producing music under two separate names, RRegula and Dementia, now Zombie Cats, have been making big waves in the drum and bass scene since their formation in 2014.  Their new record Cat Attack released by Commercial Suicide last Monday serves as testament.   “Don’t Be Playing” was the track of the album that really grabbed my attention, it’s dark, deep, and extremely well-produced.  Zombie Cats have a knack for creating tracks that progressively build a dark atmosphere and “Don’t Be Playing” does exactly that.  The drop begins right after a vocal sample mutters “Kill ’em and get the fuck out” setting the tone for the rest of the song.  Pounding drums, fluttering hi-hats, and some sinister sound-design remain constant throughout the song while the drum patterns, tension, and atmosphere progress.  It’s not the right song to listen to with your stock iPod headphones and it’s certainly not the right song to play at your little sister’s birthday party.

I give the track a 7/10 and really enjoyed the release quite thoroughly.  I would suggest a proper listen of the other 2 titles “Cat Attack” and “Draw Blood” and possibly a purchase of the entire EP.

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