Zombie Cats & L 33 – Zombots [Bad Taste Recordings]

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Zombie Cats and L 33? On Bad Taste? What? I was pleasantly surprised to see the duo previously known as Dementia and Rregula team up with the up and coming powerhouse L 33 for a label–Bad Taste Recordings–that I’m also not used to seeing alongside these names.  Surprised as I may be, this collaboration should have happened a long time ago, seeing as the two producers share very complimentary styles and are both well respected in the neuro scene of drum and bass.  The title track off their record set to release the 11th of December, Zombots, is a perfect blend of styles between two producers constantly pushing the limits of technical drum and bass.  The intro to “Zombots” plays out like a typical L 33 intro, very mechanical, and with the same flavor as his recent production “Manipulate”.  Zombie Cats added some flair in the form of neatly packaged drums and a couple of gritty bass patches.  The track doesn’t waste much time approaching its inevitable climax, flaunting a 64 bar intro that feels like 48, the song quickly descends into a dark and picturesque world.  Incomprehensible vocals echo atop crisp bass and perfectly compressed drums.  Moments later a shrill apocalyptic synth rings out, producing the same haunting feeling Neonlight and Hedj’s legendary track “Hammerhead” gave me when I first heard it back in 2010.  The track defines itself as an ideal collaboration where each producer’s style is complimented by the others, while still remaining distinguishable.  L 33’s knack for deep low-end really added a dimension I wasn’t getting from previous Zombie Cats releases–vice versa–Zombie Cats’ attention to detail and extraordinarily clean production added some clarity that was sometimes missing from certain L 33 productions.  Overall the track is a testament to the skill of all three producers and a finely crafted piece of audio.

I give the track an 8/10 and should also mention that Zombie Cats are hosting a competition to win some of their material and the links will be posted below.

Purchase Link: https://pro.beatport.com/release/zombots/1656822

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