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Chris Inperspective is a name throughout drum ‘n bass that junglists and non-junglists should be familiar with. If you’re not familiar, the man took it upon himself in 1997 to set forth the fire to a then-unknown sub-genre of drum ‘n bass known as drumfunk, also called choppage – an unusual style of drum ‘n bass that thrives on unique drum patterns that (many times) sits atop deep sub-bass and soundscapes. Known for his label, Inperspective Records, and the well-versed Technicality nights, the man has built quite a reputation for himself. Be sure to check out The Inperspective Records Show every 4th Tuesday of the month from 7-9 PM (GMT) on Be expecting Chris’s first full-length album to drop sometime next year.

Chris, you’ve been in the game for quite a while. What brought you into drum & bass?

Very simply it was pirate radio, Rush FM in particular.  I think that was the gateway for the fans of D&B of my generation and older.  That lead to me going to clubs, mainly one called Innersense. In south east London. It was an incredible time.  The drugs were amazing also which always helps. Ultimately it was the music I took away and fell in love with.

When did you decide that you were going to go the drum funk route and what inspired that direction?

It was never a conscience decision and to be honest I would always call myself a D&B fan first and foremost, it was just that my label happened to specialise in a particular style.  I suppose meeting Equinox was a major catalyst to that but we have always had very different tastes in music. The music on Reinforced and Good Looking Records would be a massive inspiration also.   I do like all styles though. More recently have been enjoying the more experimental minimal stuff so I can listen to a wide pool for music from within this genre. Hell… I’m a sucker for “Machete” by Hazard –only the first 2 minutes though… lol. When it goes 2 step, not so much.

You are the Founder of Inperspective Records. If you would so kindly, please shed some light on the origins of the imprint. What releases) do you believe really “set off” the label?

Well the label was born out of frustration of not hearing what i wanted to out in clubland.  In 1997 there was a lot of stripped down music that I found tiresome.  At the same time I was being heavily influenced by the Logical Progression Nights.  So much great music and I guess I had to try something for myself.

The tune that really got people’s attention was the  “Darker Self/Expand Contract” release by Senses.  I guess it helped that Technicality started around that time so there was somewhere to play the tunes on a regular basis.  Then it would be the Acid Rain release.  When you have people like Andy C playing your tunes it’s always a good thing.  

You also founded the Technicality night to feature previously unknown talent. How has the journey been leading up to today?

It was a very special time in my life.  I never wanted to promote events but I was kind of forced to due to the fact that there wasn’t anywhere in London at the time playing that style.  The Blue Note era had finished, Speed had gone and although I loved going to Logical Progression it didn’t have enough beats going on.  Inperspective needed a hub for people to come and enjoy this music and I am very proud of my work in bringing everyone together to make that night so special.  

What do you believe makes choppage/drumfunk special?

The Beats, that’s always been the main difference for me.  You have to use breaks and they can’t be too simple.  Outside of that it’s down to the influences of the artist concerned. It’s always a joy when people come with something a little different and can use something more unusual.

What productions are you currently working on?

About to start working on my Album for next year, very excited about some of the music I have got planned for it.  I have loads of sketches and an idea of what it will be about as it’s my first.  So I want to get it right.  I suppose this has been 25 years in the making so I hope people will like the results as it will draw from my entire life span in this music.

Tell us a bit about the Inperspective Records Show on Hoxton FM.

It was suggested by one of my best mates Alex Jones and he helped get the show on there started.  It’s a monthly excursion into all the music that I currently play or  music from the past I just love.  More recently, I have started inviting more guests on so it’s becoming more of a talk show too.  It’s been a great avenue for me and long may it continue.  4th Tuesday of the month 7pm to 9pm.

What other labels do you feel are making big moves right now on the drumfunk/choppage tip?

I urge you to check out Holotype, Foundation X, Subtle Audio, Love Love, Paradox Music, Rupture LDN, Scientific Wax, Danger Chamber Digital, Monochrome, Next Phase, Jungle Syndicate, Amental, Tempo Records, KOS Music… I’m sure I’ve missed some people.  I have to mention Blu Mar Ten music also as they are putting out some incredible stuff right now.

What else is coming up for you?

Infamy – Class of 06 EP
Earl Grey – Headwinds Vinyl Album
Phuture T – Fugitive Drummer/ Cold Sweat
Andy Skopes – Who Are You / Laterality

Mix Tracklist: 

Mix Tracklist
Andy Skopes – Let Go
Triple Sickz – Now Jah Talkin (Danger Chamber)
Will Miles – Run Away
Chris Inperspective – 5 o’clock
Response & Pliskin – The Conversation
DJ SR – Out on a limb
Conduct – Meraki (BMTM)
Lao Wai – Murda Sound (INP:Digital)
Ink & Gremlinz – The Light (Tempo)
Infest & Quasi – Dark Days
dBridge – Simm-Pathy (Exit)
Depford Workers Union – Untitled
DAAT – ABVD (Detuned Transmissions)</b
Lynch Kingsley – Eden (INP:Digital)
Chris Inperspective – Flowers Every Day
Chris Inperspective – Parkbitch

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