Podcast 446 – Bad Syntax & PacD [Sponsored by Adam Audio]

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Its #NEUROWEIRDO time again! This week we have an action packed mix ready for you to kick the weekend off right! PacD is back in the guest mix bringing the soulful vibes, and as always you have Bad Syntax in the resident seat getting things moving! Lock it in and lets get this weekend started right!

Irontype – EZ [OUT NOW on Abducted LTD]

Download / Stream: https://abductedltd.fanlink.to/altd104

Support From: Noisia, Ed Rush, Aphrodite, Evol Intent, Manta, Bytecode, Mindscape and more!

We have been after the legend Irontype for a LONG time! He is easily one of the best and most diverse Neurofunk producers around at the moment, and his latest offering comes in the way of a smooth roller of a Neurofunk tune titled “EZ”. If you love fun yet still sinister tunes, this one is for you!

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Bad Syntax Tracklist

  1. Akrom – Euphoria [Abducted LTD – FIRST LISTEN]
  2. Midnight Cvlt – Bloodfire [Eatbrain]
  3. Neonlight – Denunziant (Finalfix RMX) [Blackout]
  4. Decades – Oddyseia [Neuropunk]
  5. Kaspa & Confusion – Hold it Down [UTM]
  6. Anatomix – Feeding the Immortal [Cause 4 Concern]
  7. MV – Clown Business [Abducted LTD]
  8. Midnight Cvlt & Hackwaves – Fear [Eatbrain]
  9. Punchman – Testosterone [Neuropunk]
  10. Coppa & Redpill – Bring it Back [Korsakov]
  11. Dropset – Ritual [High Resistance]
  12. Anatomix ft Lifesize MC – Harness the Force [Cause 4 Concern]
  13. Avile & Sindicate – Apokalipsis [Abducted LTD]
  14. Metanoia – Revolver [Eatbrain]
  15. sindicate – Funky Sound [UTM]
  16. Killer Industries – Gaijin [Kosen]
  17. Perimetre – Plumbus [Paperfunk]
  18. Emperor – ursa [Blackout]
  19. Sindicate – Criminal [Abducted LTD]
  20. Perimetre – Outfit [Paperfunk]
  21. Jhofre & Vicjoff – Bouncer (Silent Extent RMX) [Close 2 Death]
  22. Chook & Radic – Upwards Spiral [Evolution Chamber]
  23. Iamdoomed – Trainwreck [Prot3kt]
  24. L 33 – Give a FK [eatbrain]
  25. Krak’n – Renegade [Abducted LTD]
  26. Midnight Cvlt & Vizzen – Whispers [Eatbrain]
  27. L 33 – Hillratz [Eatbrain]
  28. Perimetre – Combuster [Paperfunk]
  29. Killer Industries – The Tension [Kosen]
  30. Tobax – Viberance [Neuropunk]
  31. Akrom – First Contact [Abducted LTD – FIRST LISTEN]
  32. Metanoia ft Yasha – Gorgon [Blackout]
  33. Agressor Bunx & MaxNRG – Coming Back [Eatbrain]
  34. Zardonic ft Mechanical Vein – Death by the Bassline [MNRK]
  35. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – On a Mission [Blackout]
  36. Irontype – EZ [Abducted LTD ]

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  1. Iamdoomed – Trainwreck [Prot3kt]
  2. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – On a Mission [Blackout]
  3. Nuvertal – Reaper [Eatbrain]
  4. Killer Industries – Brainbox [Kosen]

PacD Tracklist

  1. MC Spyda, Limited – Smuggler [BassLayerz Recordings]
  2. Kaiza, Xeomi – Piece Of Me [Audio Addict Records]
  3. Rise – In Your Arms [Nuusic]
  4. Document One, Emily Makis – Tongue Tied [Elevate Records]
  5. Jamezy – Hit The Floor [DNB Allstars Records]
  6. Shiny Radio – Let The Fire Burn [For Real Recordings]
  7. Break, Fox – Code Red [Symmetry Recordings]
  8. MC Det, Martial Taktics – Godfather [Born On Road]
  9. Beeson – Getting Hot [Innerground Records]
  10. My Altered Soul – Love Me Like That (Korax Remix) [Stateside DNB]

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