Dieselboy, Counterstrike & Mark the Beast – Stagediver – [Human Imprint]

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Tunes


When I saw that Stagedriver by Diselboy was coming out as a new release, I jumped at the chance to write about the song and learn more about this American drum and bass artist. What more can be said about an artist as infamous as Dieselboy? For starters he has a love and passion for cooking. He used to write for a cooking blog, he competed and lost in a nacho battle in 2014, and has had his own pop-up burger events before a couple of his performances, just to name a few things. 

Musically, Diselsboy’s career begins decades ago when he started to deejay for his school dances. His start with drum and bass was in 1997 when he started working with Nigel Richards and his 611 label. This relationship cascaded into Philadelphia’s first drum and bass weekly, called Platinum. With his career now blooming, Diselboy started a label in 2002 called Human Imprint; strictly for drum and bass. The label SubHuman was later created for dubstep and electro music and then Planet Human was formed as the umbrella label for both Human and SubHuman labels.

Human Imprint has released producers such as Evol Intent, MC Messinian and Mark the Beast. The great thing about all these producers is they cross over with both drum and bass and dubstep music and I am a huge fan of bass music genre crossovers. Mark the Beast and Dieselboy have produced numerous tracks together, notably “Angel Dust”, which is still in the top ten for Dieselboy tracks on Beatport.

I was excited to listen and hear what “Stagediver” had in store for us. For this release Dieselboy and
Mark the Beast have also teamed up with London duo Counterstrike, who are known for bringing deeper and darker vibes to drum and bass. “Stagediver” is a fast and hard song that has a beautiful electric guitar riff that goes along with the bassline as a synth.  Throughout the song, moments of vocals capture your attention and I got the sensation as I was listening that I could have been listening to an action movie score or video game. The song is fun and exciting and is a perfect representation of what I feel Diselboy’s music is. This release can be found over all platforms today and I’m to bet that this is going to be a hot dancefloor hit this summer.

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