Brookes Brothers – Orange Lane LP [Review]

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Tunes

I want to end the month with a full review of my favorite release of October, the Brooke’s Brothers’ Orange Lane LP.

The album starts beautifully and artistically with an intro track, “The One,” a collaborative effort with ShockOne. The drop smells a lot of ShockOne, but the Brookes Brothers feel immensely present in the intro, a symphony as beautiful and as clear as a lake at dawn.

“Times of Trouble” sounds just like the Brookes Brothers I know and love, with snappy, warm, classic breaks and a light dancefloor melody. The breakdown is also excellent, and a stand out section of the tune. The next, “Flashing Lights,” full of its triumphant drums and powerful, easy, uplifting vocals, reminded me of how much I love my partner.

“Carry Me On” is a masterpiece of its own. I first heard it on a mixtape that was gifted to me; he had recorded their interview and mix for Less Than Three (absolutely fire, and worth the dig to find, by the way.) I loved it then, and I love it now. Its successor, “Moving On” is another hark on themes of love and growth, and another wonderfully familiar, uplifting, classic piece.

“So Many Times” is a break from that classic section; a beautiful spin on the halftime craze. The laid-back, dreamy, half-paced dancefloor number is easy, uplifting, bubbly, and bright. But it’s back to classics with “Good to Me,” a soulful liquid ode to lost love.

“Now I’m Found” is one of my favorites of the album, mostly for once again, another effortless-sounding stunner of an intro that sounds a bit like a walk on a sunny afternoon. The powerful vocals riding through the intro help create a sweep into a warm, strong break where string-like synths shine.“All About You” follows up with a downbeat disco ballad, kept fresh with warm vocals and clean, light accenting synths and percussion.

I anticipated hearing “Waiting Right Here” because it features probably my favorite drum and bass vocalist, Charlotte Haining, and I wasn’t disappointed. It sounds as if she’s singing to you in an empty church, and you’re the only one in the pews.“The Way” is a magical, undersea-like liquid dancefloor number. And you can look forward to “Climb High,” a dream collaboration between Danny Byrd and the Brookes Brothers

The last tune, “We Got Love,” is a touching piece that ends the album hopefully, and highly.

If you are a fan of the Brookes Brothers, you won’t be a bit disappointed with Orange Lane.

Hear the album megamix here:

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